Indian beauty brands

Indian beauty brands

Beauty and Personal Care Market in India

In recent days and times, personal care is being very competitive in convergence with international brands. Therefore, denizens of India are exploring new ways and paying close attention to beauty, wellness, and health. As a result, most of the Indian beauty brands are creating aspirations that are mainly appealing to millennials.

Hence, the growth has taken a surge from 35-45% from 2012-2017. In that essence, the demand for beauty products is increasing exponentially. Beauty brands are also taking the opportunity for the sake of their business.

There are significant categories: fragrance, cosmetics, men’s grooming, skincare, bath & shower, oral care, and hair care. These categories are ruling the market with a good market share. Besides, the generic categories like hair care, bath and shower, and oral care enjoy higher penetration.

Herbal Indian products are continuously developing growth as people are aware of the implications of using chemical formulation products. On that note, people are switching to safer herbal and Ayurveda products. Most of the premium and luxury brands are launching products constantly to stay in the competition.

Evolving consumerism is shaping the market with all its strong wings. Here, buying patterns playing a pivotal role in identifying the consumers. E-commerce and buying habits- the amalgamation of these two helps to bolster sales. A recent study states that most daily care products are purchased online due to a seamless buying experience and attractive discounts

Audience growth according to size and channel of Indian beauty brands

Social media is the backbone to reach the target audience within a stipulated time. Therefore, most Indian beauty brands are using social media platforms to advertise their products. Personal care brands hold the largest average audience on Facebook, as most of the generations use this platform on leisure time.

The second-place holder is Instagram, which contains a significant number of subscribers. After that, Snapchat and WhatsApp have a neck-to-neck fight to reach the target audience bearing the filters of buying habits.

Most talked Indian beauty brands on social media

Nowadays, people rely on social media reviews and user-generated content. On that note, they check the product classification and how the audience is perceiving the same product. The confluence of existing customer feedback and social media review creates the implication on buyer’s minds. According to a survey, some of the data has been gathered. Here is the accumulated information-


Denizens are talking about hair care essentials, including shampoo, conditioners, and serum. It is the most searched topic on the internet. Premium brands are creating content for haircare and sharing the same on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Hence, some of the Indian products are putting more attention on user-generated content and influencer marketing.


Animal cruelty-free products and natural products play a unique role in the entire content marketing strategy. A plethora of posts is organic. Therefore, these posts help to boost traffic on social media.


Skincare brands in India are very much active on social media. From baby boomers to generation Y, everybody is using skincare products. That is why brands target social media for the maximum shoutout. They update all the latest happenings, including new product launching to marketing that product with the aid of various ways. Here, advertisements play a pivotal role.

Customer touchpoints

Consumers are the backbone of a business. Irrespective of the present market condition, Indian beauty brands are strategizing aggressively to gain new customers. Firstly, the latest demographic and psychographic factors, citizens utilize beauty products, which eventually gives them maximum satisfaction. The customer goes through a sales funnel that starts from the awareness, followed by culminating the customer and providing the reviews.

To be precise, the purchase journey includes awareness, engagement, conversion, and retargeting. On that note, online platforms are trying to create a personalized experience for consumers.

With all the latest methods like skin tones and skin issues, they gauge the customers’ psychographic factors. In other words, this strategy is excellent for creating a personalized customer experience. Moreover, the better is the experience, the more opportunity for a successful conversion.

Firstly, some of the consumers still prefer retails as they directly receive the product from customer service executives. Secondly, this habit is followed for mid-premium and premium categories. Online companies can close this gap by enhancing more recommendations along with the trial process. It will ultimately increase the comfort and confidence level of the target audience.

Current Social Media Trends

As we said earlier, social media is a dispensable part in order to get traction within a stipulated time. On that note, big brands are using social media to gain maximum exposure. Here are some of the trends:

  • Instagram is on the top place as it provides a platform to share high-quality images along with content. Indian beauty brands are making the most of it. Moreover, a recent study states, out of 20 brands, 11 have an active presence on Instagram. In addition, photos are the best option for maximum engagement. With the aid of the content management team, brands create engaging contents that ultimately drive traffic to the website.
  • Indian beauty products brand is putting the most of the effort only on photos. After that, video content helps to lure the audience. Videos impregnated with great content help the brand to stand out from the crowd. Besides, link based content also plays a supreme role in the maximum conversion.
  • Twitter is also joining the battle of content competition. Brands are also using Twitter for sharing their latest updates along with informative content.

Final words

Beauty care brands are evolving day by day with a new range of products. Requirement and the demand for the products go hand-in-hand. Therefore, the sales get enhanced, followed by earning the profit margin. In the upcoming years, beauty products will take a surge in terms of product-based sales, and the giant marketers will earn more profit by selling them.

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