petals petals Rose pettles Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers Rose pettles petals petals petals Rose pettles With a policy to embrace Nature & Science in the most balanced form, we have committed ourselves to deliver complete customer satisfaction . Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturers petals petals Rose pettles Herbals with Professional Touch Beauty Cosmetics

Our Services

Product Categories

  • Face Masks
  • Face Oils
  • Face Serums
  • Sun Screen Lotion
  • Face Toners
  • Facial Soap
  • Face Lotion
  • Face Wash
  • Face Cleansers
  • Face Scrubs
  • Face Creams
  • Face Moisturizers


  • Hair Shampoo
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Serum
  • Hair Masks
  • Hair Gel
  • Hair Packs
  • Hair Spray
  • Body Wash
  • Body Cleanser
  • Body Cream
  • Body Oil
  • Body Moisturizer
  • Body Scrub
  • Handmade Soap
  • Transparent Soap
  • Neem Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Guest Post
  • Bacterial Soap
  • Mint Soap
  • Oats Soap
  • Luxury Soap
  • Hotel Soaps
  • Olive Soap
  • Facial Soap
  • Rose Soap
  • Kitchen Soap
  • Vitamin E Soap
  • Bathing Soaps
  • Baby Soap
  • Gift Soaps
  • Aloe Vera Soap
  • Liquid  Soap
  • Beard Oil
  • Beard Wash
  • Beard Gel
  • Moustache Oil
  • Hair Styling Gel
  • Grooming Kits
  • Shaving Cream
  • Shaving Gel
  • Dental Care
  • Intimate Care
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Wash
  • Bathing Bar
  • Baby Creams
  • Moisturizers
  • Sun Screen Lotion
  • Hair Oil
  • Massage Oil
  • Face Wash
  • Diaper Rash Cream

Ordering Process

Understanding Client Requirement

Engagement with our Client and getting to know customer hows and whys that will help us to create a better product. The key here is to ask a lot of questions that dig down to the core reason for the project’s existence

Quotation and Purchase

After the customer is completely happy and satisfied with what we have to offer and decides to take the discussion forward. We will now offer our quotation in accordance to the requirements of the client.

Order Processing

We will then start with our final formulation of the product. Backed by an experienced team, every formulation undergoes an extensive procedure of Lab Testing before producing the final batch to ensure that the products conforms to National Quality Norms.


With a policy to embrace Nature & Science in the most balanced form, we have committed ourselves to deliver customer satisfaction while following all business ethical standards. We assist you in all manners & together we make a successful brand.


JP HEALTHCARE is a leading new generation Third Party Cosmetic Manufacturing company in India.We commit ourselves to nature’s wealth, harnessed scientifically & in tandem with ethical standards, to help you take care of your skin, body & mind in the most effective manner.Backed by an experienced team we manufacture well researched products that conforms to National & International Quality Norms. We take full responsibility of our clients right from the Innovation & Planning stage, right down to testing, packaging and promotion. We assist you in all manners and together we will develop a successful brand.


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GMP Certified
ISO 9001 - 2015
FDA Approved


Yes, they do provide you opportunities to develop custom cosmetic products formulations.

JP Healthcare is an innovative cosmetic manufacturing brand that researches first and then ideates its cosmetic formulation at the initial stages and then moves ahead with the manufacturing process.

Yes, We do provide private label services to our customers. For more details, you fill the form given on our website.

We at JP Healthcare provides; private label cosmetic manufacturing, custom formulation and research, Labelling and Packaging services and, Contract manufacturing.

To know the cost of contract manufacturing services and other details, contact us directly, or you can mail us at info@jphealthcare.in

Yes, we do provide free samples before finalising the products. For more details, please contact us at this email id: info@jphealthcare.in

Yes, we do manufacture skincare as well. JP healthcare manufactures both skincare and cosmetics as a private label contract. Research packaging and labelling manufacturer.