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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, they do provide you opportunities to develop custom cosmetic products formulations.

    JP Healthcare is an innovative cosmetic manufacturing brand that researches first and then ideates its cosmetic formulation at the initial stages and then moves ahead with the manufacturing process.

    Yes, We do provide private label services to our customers. For more details, you fill the form given on our website.

    We at JP Healthcare provides; private label cosmetic manufacturing, custom formulation and research, Labelling and Packaging services and, Contract manufacturing.

    To know the cost of contract manufacturing services and other details, contact us directly, or you can fill the form given here: (Link of the form page on the website)

    Yes, we do provide free samples before finalising the products. For more details, please contact us at this email id: xyz@jphealthcare.com.

    Yes, we do manufacture skincare as well. JP healthcare manufactures both skincare and cosmetics as a private label contract. Research packaging and labelling manufacturer.

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