How to use onion juice for hair?

How to use onion juice for hair?

Onion juice for hair is a sure-shot approach for enhancing the hair and its growth which is one of its top-notch benefits. It is one of the fine approaches to cope with hair issues. Onion juice improves hair toughness by boosting the extent of the antioxidant enzyme catalase.


It nourishes your hair follicles with its wealthy material of sulfur. The wealthy sulfur content material additionally facilitates in minimizing hair thinning and breakage.


Onion is a safe, natural, and less expensive home cure that may be extraordinary for the hair and you’ll be having no doubts about it. Also, it has some great antibacterial properties to keep your scalp completely clean.


It keeps your scalp and hair free from any sort of bacteria which can prove to be harmful. This property even prevents dandruff in the hair. Now, in case you are allergic to onions do not attempt any onion juice for hair treatments for your hair.


How to make onion juice for hair growth?

Some of the best and leading ways to use onion juice for hair in the most effective manner is:


Step 1: Firstly take 2 or more onions relying totally upon the length of your hair.

Step 2: Next, chop and grind using a mixer.

Step 3: Take it out using a muslin material to a container.

Step 4: Finally refrigerate it to have a cooling effect on your scrap.


Keep in mind that onion juice may irritate your scalp so it is constantly suggested to blend it with a few soothing ways like honey, coconut oil, or aloe vera. All these items have their benefits for hair improvement.

How to use onion juice for hair?

How to use onion juice for hair, is a question asked by many. So here are some of the brilliant ways to use it:

Dip a cotton pad in a small quantity of this juice perfectly. With this pad, dab the juice on your scalp in a proper way, trying to avoid any spilling, till you cover the whole scalp. Once you’ve got the complete area, rub down your scalp lightly with your fingers, for approximately 10 mins.

Leave the juice on your hair for another 15 mins or more. Wash it off after 15 mins with lukewarm water, and use a good shampoo thereafter.

Frequency of use:

You can make use of this remedy three times a week, which can also be helpful. If you can’t do it three times a week, a minimum of two times a week can also do wonders. You will see a gigantic distinction in your hair after 6 to 8 weeks of use.

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Topmost remedies to solve your hair issues and inconveniences:

Onion juice and honey:

It’s quite simple, clean, and convenient to make onion juice and honey hair masks. All you have to do is blend some teaspoons of extracted onion juice with one teaspoon of honey. Apply it in your hair and allow it to sit down for 20 minutes, after that wash it off using mild water.


These hair masks will assist in solving all your hair issues and additionally would amplify and enhance the shine that your hair needs. Onion juice for hair even reduces any form of scalp irritation and dandruff issues. In totality, it is one of the best remedies that you can depend upon wholly.

Onion juice and castor oil:

Just like onion juice for hair and honey masks. You can also make onion juice and castor oil hair masks which are equally beneficial. All you need to do is blend onion juice with castor oil.

You have to take Onion juice and castor oil in identical proportions and blend it appropriately. After blending it nicely, apply it selflessly on your scalp and then do a hair wash.


You can follow this mask or apply it 2 times a week, it’ll assist you in developing your hair beautifully. It will even maintain your hair most nicely and healthily.

Onion And Curry Leaf:

Curry leaves are recognized for providing several advantages, it may work wonders in your hair and skin. It strengthens the hair and increases hair toughness. The aggregate of curry leaves with onion juice will assist you when it comes to untimely greying.


Take 15 to twenty clean curry leaves and wash them well. Blend them in a mortar and pestle with a few tablespoons of onion juice and turn it into a paste. Your hair mask is ready to do wonders.

High-end advantages of onion juice for hair:

  • High in sulfur content, onions assist in lessening the breakage and thinning of the hair which is one of the major problems faced by people in a wide way. Sulfur is critical for the regeneration of hair follicles and hence making them stronger.
  • Onion pulp can nourish your hair follicles and provides the required vitamins to your scalp.
  • The antibacterial and antifungal assistance that it provides selflessly can save you from major scalp infections. A more healthy scalp will lessen hair loss.
  • Natural and effective antioxidants, onions battle untimely greying of hair. Which is another most likely issue faced by today’s people.
  • When used regularly, onion paste or juice will not only be beneficial in nourishing the hair, it’ll additionally create a perfect shine for the hair. Furthermore, this shine can end up being an everlasting characteristic.

Therefore, Onion juice for hair is a completely recognized and beneficial treatment for hair loss and has been used as a home cure for ages. Onion acts as a stimulating component and boosts the charge of hair and can also even help you with an increase in volume.

It is one of the excellent domestic treatments for healthy hair to apply in conjunction with excellent hair care essentials, like hair revitalizing shampoo. Not only is it best for the renewal of broken hair follicles, onion additionally possesses different actions and benefits, such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-diabetic, and hypolipidemic properties.

Other than this, the red onion juice for the face is also incredible. Furthermore, if used in the right quantity and the right manner, it can prove to be extremely helpful.

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