Establishing Shampoo manufacturing business in India- Worthy or not?

Establishing Shampoo manufacturing business in India- Worthy or not?

The shampoo manufacturing business in India can lead to success. Yes, it’s possible. Now, you may ask why this business? Is there any future? Would this business grow? All right, let’s move on to the following paragraphs to delve deeper into the same.

Let’s begin with an understanding of the shampoo manufacturing business and its aspects. This article will cover all the nitty-gritty, including all the raw materials used, production process, packaging process, and different types of shampoo. Continue reading to explore business ideas for establishing your own shampoo manufacturing business.

Earlier, people use soaps to wash their hair. However, there are few disadvantages, including eye irritation and complex water compatibility. This leads to the hair being dull and rough. Due to these issues, shampoo took place as the alternative to soap. It’s a personal care product that is vehemently used for cleaning and washing the hair. Different types of shampoos are there for men, women, and children.

Types of shampoos

Most of the shampoo manufacturing businesses in India produce different shampoos based on physical appearance, properties, and constituents. Below are few types of shampoos-

  • Liquid clear shampoo
  • Baby shampoo
  • Beer shampoo
  • Cream paste shampoo
  • Liquid cream shampoo
  • Egg shampoo

Establishing the business

You can set up the shampoo manufacturing business with just an average investment. Based on the present market scenario, you can set different types of shampoos for different types of hairs. According to a recent study, customized shampoo  made and sold in the Indian market on larger scales.

With the growing awareness and advertising activities, the shampoo market may expand in the future. The target market is upper class, middle class, and upper-middle class. The craze of shampoo will never fade due to its fragrance and types of suitability on all types of hairs.

People are now more hygiene conscious, which the market has spectated an enormous demand for this product.

Consumption of each shampoo sachet of Indians is higher than the western countries. Hair length is mainly associated with the same. Therefore, the shampoo manufacturing business in India is profitable.

Raw materials used for shampoo manufacturing

Based on the shampoo specifications, the raw materials used for shampoo manufacturing differ. Here is the list of raw materials-

  • Stearic acid
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Colors preservations and perfumes
  • Sulfonated castor oil
  • Coconut oil

You can purchase these raw materials from local retailers or wholesalers. Apart from these raw materials, it would be best to buy plastic bottles, outer corrugated boxes, labels, and shrink jackets. Make sure you are choosing the packages attentively. On top of that, mention your product name by clearly stating the manufacturing address. Also, don’t forget to mention the net content of each ingredient.

Steps for shampoo manufacturing process

Shampoo manufacturing includes few steps. Here it is-

  • Triethanolamine lauryl sulfate and stearic acid  used to prepare the liquid shampoo. These are heated at 65 degrees Celsius along with preservatives and water. Both of these solutions were then mixed thoroughly. Once done, they are kept to cool down.
  • Add perfume once the solutions are cooled.
  • Move the shampoo towards the parking area. Make sure you are using a well-designed automatic filling machine.

Wrapping it up

Since its existence, shampoo is maintaining its extensive demand. With the changing acquaintances, the need for shampoo has increased rapidly. Spectating the rising demand for shampoo, investing in the shampoo business will be highly profitable. Starting this business will help you to gain profit within a short period.

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