5 absurd face serum myths that probably fool you don’t know yet

5 absurd face serum myths that probably fool you don’t know yet

It’s undeniable that face serum is a worthy skincare product. Most beauticians and dermatologists are raving about the same due to its multifaceted nature. But but due to being latest in market there are many face serum myth spreading in market. It’s one of the most celebrated skincare products that is often misunderstood. At jp healthcare, we have received many skincare questions. Most of them are about face serum myth. Our Instagram page also received many direct messages talking about V face serum.Many face serum myth undermine its benefits, and people are misunderstood. 

Here are some of the face serum myth


Myth-1- It can make your skin prone to sensitivity

In its pure form, Vitamin c is acidic. However, Vitamin C face serum doesn’t increase sensitivity. According to studies, vitamin C face serum usage may help to protect against the damage caused by the sun. It doesn’t mean you don’t need SPF. Instead, combining the face serum with SPF can protect your skin better.

According to a skin doctor, “When vitamin C face serum is combined with ferulic acid and Vitamin E, the stability and potency increase. It makes a great combination for outdoors which also help against pollution.”

Myth-2- Face serum is for specific skin types

 There is no biological process that will help our body to make Vitamin C. Only way to get the same is from the food we intake or by applying it topically. However, face serum is suitable for all skin types. Yes, you hear it right. You just need to find the right serum for your face.

If you have sensitive skin, don’t go for a derivative that contains a higher acidic formula. Instead, choose the ones that have the less acidic formula. Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate and THD ascorbate are similar types of derivatives and lipid-soluble. It can absorb the skin better while giving you better results.

Myth-3- Vitamin C face serum can stain or tan your face

After applying face serum, you may have noticed that your face may turn orange. L-ascorbic acid slowly degrades until it turns into sugar. Therefore, you face the same. While applying vitamin C face serum, you may need to keep a few things in mind-

  • You should use Vitamin C formula before it degrades.
  • You must wash your hands before applying the serum.
  • To avoid uneven splotches, you must apply the serum evenly to your face.
  • Apply oil over the vitamin C product to prevent on-skin oxidation.

Myth-4- You can become resistant to face serum

We have faced many questions regarding resistance and tolerance to the ingredients. Once the number of receptors decreases, then one builds resistance. There are no specific studies that can indicate specific receptors involved with face serum. It is one of major face serum mythspreading around

Myth-5- Vitamin C cannot be combined with retinol and Niacinamide

While you’re combining Niacinamide with vitamin C can transform your skin (Especially for a situation like pigmentation issues). Vitamin C can inhibit pigmentation overproduction, while Niacinamide cab aid the prevention of pigmentation.

Vitamin C could be used in tandem with retinol and acid. You may also alternate Vitamin C serum in the daytime and retinol at night.

Wrapping it up  

Now, you know the face serum myths, and it will not be an issue while choosing your face serum. Bear in mind that the ingredients present in face serum may increase the brightness to make your face illuminating. Start using a face serum that glides on easily and blends effortlessly.

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